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Las Vegas chiropractor

At the Nevada Rehabilitation Centers, our team of skilled Las Vegas chiropractor, massage therapists, and health care practitioners have a 4-step approach to helping you achieve optimal health. First of all, we use advanced imaging to identify any underlying structural damage. We also look for soft tissue injuries to muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Our years of experience with injuries sustained in accidents enables us to precisely identify your problems. And the onsite imaging offers convenient, same day results. Secondly, we use natural methods, such as low pressure chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy to quickly reduce your pain. Since no two patients or injuries are alike, we customize a plan of treatment to provide you with the best, most appropriate care. And finally, we want you to stay strong and healthy after your injury has healed. With appropriate therapy, we strengthen your muscles and reduce scar tissue to improve motion, agility, flexibility, and prevent relapse.

These Las Vegas chiropractor understand that patients respond differently to touch and they offer a variety of manual techniques. To insure that every patient is treated optimally, we offer very low pressure, or low force, adjustments in addition to traditional chiropractic techniques. We recognize that some patients, due to their injuries or emotional/psychological condition and past histories, require a more gentle approach. For instance, those who have suffered recent trauma and are especially sensitive to touch. For this type of patient, the nervous system is already in overdrive and they are already hypersensitive. For anyone with any posttraumatic stress, a harsh touch, sudden movements, or even the sound of the joint popping can add to the trauma. Older folks or those in a fragile state need everything done a little slower and a little gentler. Patients in pain may also benefit from a softer touch. Pain amps up the nervous system, and we don’t want to create any additional painful experiences for the person in pain. So we are sensitive to the spectrum of conditions that we are presented with and we individualize care for each patient to best serve your health needs.

At the Nevada Rehabilitation Centers, your Las Vegas chiropractor, we offer excellent diagnosis and care under one roof. From onsite imaging to a multidisciplinary approach to health and fitness, we offer expert chiropractic care for you. We are also committed to making sure all of our efforts are maintained by providing you with exercise rehabilitation. So whether you have been in an accident, have sustained a sports-related or work-related injury, or just want to maintain optimum health, call for an appointment today with any of our skilled and compassionate doctors.

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